The Impact Of Technolgy On Society

 »The earth is dying. .. It is drowning, it is crushed under a deluge of pesticides and toxic pollution. Science does not save it. The technology will not save it. They are its enemies, the real source of horror and contagion. We must oppose them. Right now. » Robert Ludlum.

Remember there are now several years when there was no internet or portable phones. Today, people being born in this era of technology can not imagine their lives without all these things; and even still, they are the first to grab the new technology outputs just in order to be at the forefront of the new generation technology. Of these people, I am one! Aside from the fact to monopolize new technologies, of course! Dad’s bank account would suffer. But that is not the purpose of the subject.

What is the impact of new technologies on society? Should we really be wary and oppose them like Ludlum said in his citation?

Begin this investigation by looking at the human level. Did the technology, since its creation, improved social relations between human beings? We communicating better than in the past? We must recognized that, indeed, derivatives of technology helps a lot to communicate. Now, with the invention of the telephone, it is possible to make contact with anyone in the world. Moreover, with social networks, you can make new friends and keep in touch with old friends or your family when you settle in a country other than your own, which is my case. Since my arrival in France, I have never spent so much time on Whatsapp, Facebook and Snapchat. So yes, new technologies are useful. … But be careful! Don’t go overboard! The concern is that since the arrival of the internet there is, as in other areas, full of excesses and these excesses can harm our social lifelook-up_4900157 and physical life.

Physical life! Let’s talk about it! Because too addictive or social networks or whether all these supposed « wonderful » things that the internet allows, like playing games, shopping, watching video, some people don’t hardly leave their homes, much more reason, their rooms. They are in the ability to remain locked up all day, sometimes even for days for some, just to set their screens. Which is very dangerous. That’s not me saying it, it’s been verified. Repeated use of the mobile is very bad for the skin. A recent study shows that the misuse of phone attacks the skin. It’s disgusting, but it’s the absolute truth: our mobile teem with bacteria and if you think about it, it is used really everywhere. And where are these bacteria? Directly on our face.photogrid_1477058460323 The germs that accumulate on our mobiles can cause acne or eczema crises indicates Everyday Health. But that’s not all! I also have some bad news for you gentlemen. WiFi waves affect sperm production. Laptops are really practical, but men who put them on their knees may play with their gene pool. A 2011 study has found that the sperm of men exposed to electromagnetic radiation from mobile WiFi for four hours showed genetic defects and reduced motility. So, be careful gentlemen!

After the social and physical level, I will now speak of new technologiesin the intellectual level. What impact do they have on our intellect and what are the consequences for us. Thanks to technical progress (and we can not thank it enough for its prowess), it is now possible to find any information on the net. Which of course makes it easier for the students when they have essays or exercises to make. However, don’t abuse it! This isn’t because we gave you a dissertation in philosophy for example, you’re going to get your subject in the net on search bar and to copy / paste some essays that you have found. It is this error that numbers of students do. But in fact, they only hurt themselves. The consequence of their actions is that the day when they are facing on a test, well! … they don’t know what to write. And this lack of discernment is felt on their notes.

Furthermore, students have a real problem of spelling, which of course is a joy for teachers. I remember last year, our philosophy teacher told us about a student. She showed us a copy of the student in question and I can tell you that what I saw was distressing. Yes everyone makes spelling mistakes but not to that extent. The student was unable to make a correct sentence. So the entire sheet was full of red pen. I wish I could show you the picture but I haven’t anymore, unfortunately. Many teachers complain of the very low teens spelling.img-20161021-wa0002 They think that this failure may be due to the daily use of technologies such as sms, facebook, twitter, BBM, etc. and probably also lack of reading. These new inventions have a negative impact on the writing of young people, because instead of reading a book in their free time, they go on social networks where they write and read words without paying attention to the spelling causing a decrease in essays, dictations, presentations, etc.

To summarize, I would say that new technologies impact us negatively because they affect our health, regress our brains and diminish us on our social relations. But not only! This is also because of the new technologies that we are killing today. We talk even of arms race.5.png

The major powers are ready at all to acquire new weapons that will make them be feared by their opponents. They prefer to spend billions in the armory that invest in really important things like starvation, education for all, and many others. This is why Ludlum wants that we oppose to science and technology because, even if men did extraordinary things thanks to them, they are however harmful factors to global change.


Racism, Sexism, Communitarianism. Are Human?

« No one is born with hatred for the other because of the color of his skin, or his origin, or his religion. People must have learned to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can learn to love because love springs more naturally from the human heart than its opposite.  » Said the first president of South Africa Nelson Mandela. Here is just one of the reasons why he was loved and appreciated by all; His wisdom.

The world as we know it today is the theater of many abominations. Famine, war, epidemics, deadly diseases, rape attacks and everything else. But there is one that has existed for several years now and for which many people are fighting, discrimination. When I see all that Man faces today, I wonder if we deserve our human title? We can very easily take us for wild beasts considering how we treat ourselves.

Nowadays, discrimination is at every point. Religious, sexual, physical, racial and so on; Everyone takes it for his grade. Let’s start with sexual discrimination. This type of discrimination mostly affects women. In today’s times it is not easy to be a woman in society. They are considered just as housewife and men have trouble with them in the field of work. They are less well paid, develop less significantly within a company, or have less access to positions of responsibility. They may also be subjected to harassment by a superior or, conversely, suffer the contempt of a male subordinate who has difficulty in receiving the orders of a woman. This is what I call pure sexism. They see us as the weak sex but yet at home, they turn their thumbs while we take care of the children, the kitchen, the household, the dishes, the laundry and when asked, What a little help they growl like kids. It is time that we too be taken seriously. It is time to recognize our values and our ability to work as hard as men. It is time to recognize the usefulness of women in society. And as long as there is any, they will fight to make it happen. 97a6309f11898007ec79b7883fc2fb0e

Now, let’s see what is going on with racism. It is clear from the overall statistics of groups of victims that more than 26% of victims of racism are Jewish. This is the group most frequently assaulted. Other groups of people often concerned: foreigners (almost 20%) and persons with dark skin (more than 15%). Racism remains a major problem throughout the world. It divides the continents, countries and even villages on race, religion or just the color of the skin. Despite the laws and international intervention, racism is still a major problem in many countries today. Overall, racism is bad for society. It is degrading and very bad for the human race. Despite this, in many countries, many people experience the ordeal of racism every day. It appears at the top of several rankings that India is the most racist country in the world. It appears at the top of several rankings that India is the most racist country in the world. Racism in India is simply worse. The Indian child is taught in Indian culture that people with white skin are superior to people with dark skin. Consequently, hatred and contempt for blacks only increase.

This is frankly anything. People need to understand that if there are so many horrors in the world, it is because of this type of mentality. It’s not because we do not have the same skin color as some are inferior to others. We were all designed in the same way. We have the same mental and physical abilities. But he who does not understand this is the inferior.


It is frankly no longer very easy to live in the world today. If you are not strong, you will not be able to overcome all these atrocities. But fortunately, people with tender hearts who care about their neighbors have set up NGOs to help all those people in the world who are victims of discrimination. These people do a really fabulous job, which leads us to think that perhaps we are not so wild and that we have a share of humanity.


The Role Of Women And Men In Society

« The world of men and of women are like the sun and the moon: they may be seen every day, but they do not meet. » said the Algerian writer, anthropologist and linguist Mouloud Mammeri (1917-1989)

Well, I say that it might be time for them to meet because I can not stand the inequality between men and women. It is true that today we speak of equal rights for men and women but this must still translate into everyday life. Because on paper, this has been legalized but on the ground there is still a big gap between what should be and the real situation of people. There is still a long way to go before the disparition of sexism. Indeed, in today’s society, the woman is considered as a « boniche », that is to say a good-for-all. I apologize for the use term but it must be said what is. This is how most men consider women. But it’s easy to treat us like that. I would like to see just a day, a man doing what a woman does every day.

But I move away from the subject. This phenomenon of sexism has engendered another phenomenon which today plagues our societies and for which several NGOs are fighting today; I want to talk about the non-schooling of girls. Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women. It is also an area that offers some of the clearest examples of discrimination women suffer. Among children not attending school there are twice as many girls as boys, and among illiterate adults there are twice as many women as men. And this is due to parents who refuse to put their girls in school, especially those living in developping countries. They prefer kept their daughters at home because it is a better payoff than going to school. For these parents, home is where they learn to be a better housewife. 

And this is really frustrating because at school, girls are mostly in front of boys, that is to say, they perform better than them in certain subjects. But as boys are better at math, they mostly go to scientific series. They drop out of the baccalauréat, and boys are more present in the schools that lead to the most highly valued and better paid jobs. The school, supported by representations of the roles of women and men who populate our daily lives, does not encourage boys to move to nursing schools and girls to engineering schools. In reality, women do not succeed as well as men in certain careers, and men do not succeed more than women in others. The problem is that women and men do not have access to the same careers. While women would do well as CEOs of large corporations that men will make wonderful men at home. journee-internationale-des-droits-des-femmes-2016-mnmisi0yxcujd8a0kxolinaleupzfsf5vohz4c2rd8

Indeed, the role of man has also evolved. It has become more important in the education of children and is no longer the sole source of support for the family. The father is no longer the incarnation of authority because he shares this role with his wife. Its role in domestic tasks has also evolved. Men take over dishwashing, shopping and cooking, man participates all the more in domestic tasks as his wife carries out a professional activity.fa0a9666

We live today in a society where all the codes have been broken. We speak well of marriage for all so why not offer them also their chances to women to prove what they are capable by giving them more responsibilities in society? And why not forget those clichés that make the man the one who has to bring back something to eat at home while the woman takes care of the children and the house?
It is time for us to pass over all this because we notice an evolution in our representations of women: women are now recognized as bearers of skills. At the same time, the image of man has evolved: questions are asked about the roles assigned to him. Thinking about equality, building it, is adventure for men and women today, and the promise of happy days …. To consume without moderation !

The Impact Of Religion On Society

« Socialism means respect for all religions, no preference for this one or that one. » says Tenzin Gyatso in the 14th Dalai Lama. I’m agree with him. Religion is the first sense of community. Be a global citizen, it  means accepting to live in community with people from different cultures, different religions. However, some people forget it. Indeed, we live now in a world where racism reigns and where Islam claims to be the only true religion. So, these different ways of thinking leads us to ask what can be the impact of religion on society? Is there something we could do to get people to change their minds?

First of all, we have to know a lot about religion. The English word « religion » is derived from the Middle English « religioun » which came from the Old French « religion. » It may have been originally derived from the Latin word « religo » which means « good faith, » « ritual, » and other similar meanings. Or it may have come from the Latin « religâre » which means « to tie fast, » or « bind together ». Defining the word « Religion » is not really easy.  Many people defining it by appropriating it to their own religion, but few with any others. Their definition might require a belief in a deity which excludes the non-theistic religion like Buddhism and many others.

It is these different perspectives that have now led the world in this holy war. Indeed, we note that the subject which makes much of ink flow today is terrorism. Some islamic groups use violence on innocent people in order to achieve their religious or ideological aim. But what they should understand is that they can not prevent the existence of other religions. They can not force the world to convert to Islam or adopt their ideology. Is not possible! We live in a free world, so we have all the rights to do what we want. Which means the right to follow the religion of our choice. According to me, it is a sign of discrimination that want to force someone to do something that he does not want.The world would be so boring if everyone was the same. These are our different cultures, our different ways of beings, our different religions that make the beauty of our beloved planet. For me, it is a crime to want to change the world that way.

Furthermore, no holy book, whether the Bible or the Koran don’t extol violence. On the contrary, a religious person is compassionate towards others as religion teaches its followers to be benevolent and sympathetic towards the other human beings. This is why many religious organizations are engaged in social work that contributes towards the welfare of society. They provide alms to the poor and also set up educational institutions so that the youth can have access to formal as well as higher education. Religion promotes good will in the society by fostering a sense of brotherhood among the people. In other cases, Religion permit to some people to answer some questions like who they are? what is their purpose of life? and many other questions. Religion is also a border line for some people. It helps them to don’t touch alcohol or drugs, dress decently and if they cross this border line, they will be punished in the going to hell in Christianaty and Jewism or having a bad karma in Hinduism and Buddhism. Religion gives also mental peace.  It teaches that wealth would not stay with us after death but it is the good deeds that would remain in eternity. A religious person never loses focus and enjoys peace of mind.

Sum all, we can notice that Religion has two different effects on society. First of all, it creates conflict, discrimination and prejudice between people. However, mostly religion brings people together, for example, Christmas or many others festivals which are good excuses to meet family, have fun and share memories as well as thinking and praying to God. Similarly it bring people in a community together. What I could propose to live in a world where discrimination about religion will be banished, is nothing more than the love of the other. We must learn to accept and respect other religions. Otherwise, we will never stop our wars and innocent blood will flow again and again.